Welcome to the website of the 416th Rifle Regiment

This group was formed in May 2012, we portray the 416th Rifle Regiment, 112th Rifle Division, 62nd Army RKKA of 1941-43. Our group focuses around early 1941 to the earliest point of 1943. We aim to provide an authentic living history group that can show members of the public the drill of the Russian infantryman of the years we cover, an authentic campsite to show how rough it really was, firearms displays as well as battlefield re-enactment.

We currently stand at 11 members including two female medics and a female traffic operator. We are always on the lookout for new members to join our happy community. Please note we don’t permit the wearing of medals as we haven’t earned it it doesn’t get mounted.

Please check the events tab to find our shows for the season. You can find the kit that is worn below just click the image.

Above you will see the links to our social media pages, if you like what you see please share.